Yoga Kawa’s Puppy Yoga is featured on the breakfast television “Toronto’s Ultimate Puppy Yoga Experience”.

Book now and enjoy 60 minutes of giggling, tickling and unique fun yoga with cute little puppies

Canada’s leading yoga services company, Yoga Kawa, is pleased to announce that its Puppy Yoga has been featured in breakfast tv Episode Toronto’s Ultimate Puppy Yoga Experience. Yoga Kawa calls it the cutest yoga class in the world, where adorable little puppies join the class as teaching assistants. And the result is an hour of pure puppy bliss with lots of snuggles, tickles, giggles and giggles. Toronto puppy yoga classes have received rave reviews from people who have attended the sessions. The majority of these people come back very often for this unique and immersive experience. These classes are perfect for students of all ability levels. At the end of each session, participants feel happier, less stressed, more relaxed and more flexible.

Yoga Kawa – Leading yoga center based in Canada

The yoga studio is inhabited by 4 or 5 adorable puppies between the ages of 2 and 6 months. They can roam around the class and go where and whoever they want. They wander the course looking for hugs, cuddles, kisses and a game hour from the participants. Adults and children from the age of 12 are cordially invited to take part in the courses. Children must be accompanied to sessions by their guardians or parents. Yoga Kawa works with various local ethical breeders who they have thoroughly vetted to ensure trusted and long-term partnerships that allow students to learn more about ethical breeding and proper puppy socialization. These are weekend sessions only with limited places and as such all interested are advised to book as soon as possible.

“I recently attended a puppy yoga session and it was AMAZING! I’ve never smiled and laughed so much and I’ve also done some great yoga stretches. Echo is a great teacher and I can’t wait to do it again!” says Susan Chung. Sometimes it’s not just about yoga; it’s about having fun, being present and letting go. These sessions are perfect stress killers in today’s busy and stressful life, especially in light of the pandemic. One can also gift one or more puppy yoga sessions to loved ones. The Yoga Kawa gift card can be used for all courses offered here. The gift cards start at $25 and go up to $250.

Yoga Kava is known for its corporate wellness classes like yoga, meditation, pilates, zumba and more. Businesses can create happier, healthier office spaces with the help of these mindful, immersive, and engaging yoga sessions. Employees learn to carry out these exercises at their workplace or in a designated area. You can relieve stress and feel rejuvenated after the sessions. Certified professionals and yoga teachers conduct the programs. The yoga courses are tailored to the needs of the employees. What makes Yoga Kawa particularly unique are the company puppy yoga classes. Corporate Puppy Yoga classes are conducted in workplaces to help with team building and to bring relaxation and giggles to employees so they can return to their day with less tension in their bodies and a big smile on their face.

Yoga Kawa also offers online yoga sessions, guided meditation, and yoga teacher training.

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Yoga Kawa, founded by Echo Wang, is a leading yoga center based in Canada offering yoga services to businesses and condominiums. They currently have centers in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg.



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