The Chicago Event Staff Agency Assist Marketing announces the expansion of its nationwide event staffing services

The leading nationwide events staffing agency announced that the company is expanding its reach to additional cities. Assist Marketing is a leading events staffing agency operating in over a dozen cities.

When it comes to event staffing, one of the challenges is keeping up with the competition. While support marketing outperforming the competition, it has also announced that they are working to further expand the company’s reach. The leading exhibition service provider now has offices in almost every state in the US. The company hopes to keep the momentum going in 2022 by opening more offices and filling the staffing needs of a growing number of companies.

The COVID-19 pandemic through 2020 and 2021 caused many recruitment agencies to close. Smaller staffing agencies were sort of thrown out of the game, leaving a vacuum for larger, more established agencies like Assist Marketing to fill once things reopened, and it was business as usual. Businesses today need staffing agencies to help them fill more jobs than they did in 2020, and since Assist Marketing is one of the few businesses that can expand, they’re poised to lead the way.

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Having more event staffing agencies and using state-of-the-art event staffing software gives companies like Assist Marketing another advantage. This lead will soon become apparent again when the trade fairs run as they did before the pandemic. If anything, experts believe companies will need staffing agencies more than ever to fill their positions, especially when it’s not a work-from-home type of job.

Readers can find out about all of the locations where Assistant Marketing has a presence and contact them directly through the website at

“At Assist Marketing, we’re working hard to expand our reach to every city and town across North America. As you can imagine, growing our business is always a challenge, not only because of the current restrictions in some locations, but also because many trade shows and other events are still being cancelled. However, we expect things to normalize to about 60% towards the second quarter of the year. That’s why we make sure we’re there when companies need staff at these events.” Said one of the representatives of Assist Marketing.

she added “Whether it’s a trade show or an event, we have a growing team working with customers to ensure they get exactly what they need. In addition, our teams work with the latest software in order to cover the staffing needs of the customers in the shortest possible time. However, we welcome companies to contact us with any questions or to visit our local office.”

About Assist Marketing

support marketing is a Chicago-based large events staffing agency focused on clients and their needs. The company has managed to build a sizable footprint over the years by focusing on helping customers get what they need with real-time communications rather than solely relying on the use of technology. Additionally, the company has a track record of employing the most talented and brilliant minds in the industry, enabling it to deliver insights to clients that would otherwise not be possible. That is why they have become the city’s marketing agency.



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