Steel Trays Queensland Durability

Some ute owners choose the color of their tray that matches their cabin. This may be for commercial reasons (such as fleets that have uniform colors and signage requirements) or simply because they prefer an uniform appearance. The tray must be light enough to not affect the vehicle’s GVM or capacity for carrying loads.


Steel Trays Queensland are more weather-resistant than aluminium and tend to last longer. However, they weigh more than aluminium, and could impact your vehicle’s load capability and fuel efficiency. Before choosing a tray, it is crucial to consider the task you’ll be working on.

Steel trays are better suited for rough terrain and provide the highest strength to carry massive loads. It also is more resistant to being damaged by sharp jagged stones and objects that are dropped. In contrast to aluminium, steel does not get rusty unless it’s been damaged or not maintained properly.

Ozy’s high-tensile powder coated tray are welded onto the frame, and are not constructed with hinges made of plastic as is the case with competitor products. This means there’s less chance for water accumulate which is the main cause of rust. They are a great choice for harsh Australian conditions. They are a great option for cab chassis vehicles that have leaf-spring suspensions at the rear and can be driven with lighter loads or empty.

Strengthening Your Body

If you’re an industrial worker who has to lug around a load of tools, it is possible to choose steel over aluminium. However, both have different strengths and weaknesses, so the choice will be based on your individual needs and the conditions of your job.

In general mild steel corrodes quickly in the open air and sunlight. Salt water is the main threat, and the most effective method to prevent corrosion is to use hot-dip galvanising. However, powder-coating and a well-coated coat of paint are also feasible alternatives.

In comparison to aluminium, a tray made of steel is four times stronger and three times stiffer. This makes it a great choice for hauling landscaping supplies like dense piles of jagged-up rocks that could be thrown by the front-end loading machine. But, a steel tray can add to your ute’s overall weight, which can limit its capacity to carry a load. This is a critical aspect to consider, especially in the event that you plan to use your ute for long hauls.

Corrosion resistance

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Industry experts say there is a place in the market for both aluminium and steel tray. The decision of whether to use aluminium or steel trays will ultimately boil down to the amount of weight you’ll need to carry and what type of conditions your vehicle will be exposed to. Aluminium trays are lighter, which increases the efficiency of your vehicle. They are also more resistant to corrosion. Steel trays are able to withstand rough and tumble use. However they are more susceptible to dents than aluminum units. Both are sturdy and robust, so it all comes to what you require.


You may require steel trays when you’re transporting large bricks, heavy equipment or tools. It’s an excellent option for those who utilize their HiLux for trade or work applications since it’s sturdy enough to handle the toughest loads.

Steel trays can be four times more durable than aluminium and are more rigid. They are therefore a better option to transport heavy machinery or rocks on wheels. The weight of a tray made from steel increases the vehicle’s kerbweight and decreases the payload.

It is also important to think about a frame that is welded. A tray that is welded eliminates the necessity of plastics and bolts, which means that it is more durable than a prefabricated model. The ute tray collection from TUFF is welded and designed to provide maximum strength and durability. They are abrasive-blasted and primed with high zinc and powder-coated to shield them from the elements and corrosion. You can even choose two packs of automotive paint to match your cabin.

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