SEO expert Randy Rohde from 38 Digital Market appears on the Entrepreneur Podcast

Provides insights into building brand authority with podcasting

SEO expert Randy Rohde from 38 Digital Market recently appeared on Entrepreneurs On Podcast where he shared insights into building brand authority with podcasts.

Mr. Rohde is passionate about working with small businesses and helping them to grow rapidly using the latest and smart digital marketing strategies and solutions. That’s why he started 38 Digital Market, digital marketing agency that has made a name for itself with clients from various industries. Having run his own business for over 15 years, he understands what it takes to grow and thrive in a competitive environment and he shares his experience with his clients.

Operation of the bases with small companies

It’s interesting to note that Randy built his own business through these digital marketing solutions, which have delivered proven results. Small businesses looking for an SEO agency for SEO or local SEO will be pleased to know that the company also offers these solutions along with web design, video services, pay per click and more. Mr. Rohde also started his own podcast ‘Running the bases was a small business‘, which combines his two passions – small business and baseball.

He recently spoke to Cliff Duvernois of Entrepreneurs in the podcast about the tremendous potential that podcasting has for small businesses. “Podcasting has tremendous brand authority, positions your brand, positions your business in the world of the internet,” he told the audience. The stimulating conversation covered a wide range of topics, including why podcasting is in a league of its own for customers and marketing, and why tossing a curveball does wonders for podcasts.

Randy Rohde of 38 Digital Market

The 38 Digital Market founder also spoke about the new ball game his company had to anticipate and play in the wake of the pandemic. The freewheeling chat, which began by discussing his passion for baseball, dives into the inside outs of podcasting and how it can give smaller businesses the edge. Mr. Rohde spoke about starting his business, his years of experience in the world of SEO and how his passion for working with small businesses has grown over time.

But how did Mr. Rohde get into podcasting? According to him, the journey began during the pandemic when everything was shutting down. He hasn’t looked back since, as “Running the Bases with Small Business” has exploded in popularity. “I knew that podcasts had a tremendous amount of both, again some kind of brand authority, positioning your brand, positioning your company in the world of the internet and so on. It’s also been a great way for small businesses to then use that podcast content in many different ways and distribute content, whether that’s on their website, in snippets, on social media,” he explained.

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