Private and Semi-Private Stargazing Tours in Joshua Tree, CA

Experience the sky, stars and galaxy like never before.

Stargazing Joshua Tree is pleased to present the most exciting private and semi-private stargazing tours in Joshua Tree, Temecula and Julian, California. These tours promise a view of the night sky like never before. Many people may have seen the stars and sky through a telescope. It could have been an enriching experience with facts, figures, calculations and scientific data. Stargazing Joshua Tree promises a whole new experience that is interactive, fascinating and indispensable. Visitors will now view the night sky as hundreds of generations in the past have seen it, but with modern Gen3 military night vision goggles.

Stargazing Joshua Tree

Whether it’s stargazing for the first time or learning how to navigate the constellations like the ancestors did, you’ll emerge with a newfound hobby, which is, as Carl Sagan puts it, a “wonder junkie” and an avid stargazer too will. From the beginning of time, the night sky, the stars, the sun and the moon have been the guiding forces for mankind. And there have been many fascinating stories, adventures and explorations connected to the celestial elements. These Joshua Tree stargazing tours are designed to help people experience one of nature’s phenomenal creations the way it was meant to be. The experience will no doubt be life changing, which is what every stargazer feels as they watch the night.

The stargazing tour includes the ultra-rare military-grade Gen3 night vision goggles; Learning constellation stories inspired by different cultures including Native American, Arabic, Aboriginal, Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese and Babylonian; Learn how ancestors used the stars to navigate the most difficult oceans, telling time and seasons; explore the Milky Way and the galaxy becoming unreachable due to light pollution; These powerful binoculars allow visitors to see the planets, nebula, and distant galaxies depending on the season and atmospheric conditions. Infrared binoculars and hand-held thermal monoculars are offered on-site for stargazing.

“You’ll always remember that night in Joshua Tree when you saw the Milky Way’s magnificent night sky,” says Paul Smith, director of Big Night Sky Magazine. The other activities include light painting for both children and adults. Light painting is a new art form that allows participants to use light sources such as flashlights, torches, lasers, lights, LED bulbs and other sources to create art. To learn more, visit

Over the starry Joshua Tree

Stargazing Joshua Tree is a company that offers Joshua Tree stargazing tours. Temecula and Julian, CA. This may be the only company in California that offers 3rd generation military night vision goggles for viewing the night sky.



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