Platinum PWR, Solar Company in Gilbert is now offering $0 Down Solar to homeowners from AZ

Offers homeowners an amazing opportunity to generate their own energy and get paid to switch to solar energy

Platinum PWR, a leading solar company in Gilbert, is now offering $0 solar power to homeowners in Arizona. They have been in the industry for more than two decades and are known for providing the highest quality renewable energy solutions at competitive prices, backed by the best guarantees. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of products that allow them to generate the electricity they need for their home and reduce their energy bills by a significant amount every year. The technicians are very knowledgeable, trained, professional and courteous. They accompany their customers every step of the way, from the initial consultation to installation.

Platinum PWR – Gilbert AZ

The team guides clients through every step of the approval process. This is the first step towards clean energy generation from the sun. The technicians begin by educating their customers about the various solar options available. Once they have decided on a specific product, a senior engineer will assist customers from visiting the HOA to dealing with their utility company. Homeowners or business owners can now complete a solar panel installation in 7 easy steps. This Arizona solar company first analyzes the energy requirements of the property. At this stage, they would calculate the number of solar panels required to meet the home’s electricity needs.

They take into account the direction of the sun and which part of the property attracts the most solar energy during the day. In the next step, the consultants come up with a proposal that includes the overall design and how much money could be saved if homeowners choose solar energy. Both in-home and virtual presentations are offered by the consultants. Qualification is the next crucial step in this process. However, the consultants will make it as easy as possible with the qualification process and documentation. The next step is inspection, where the entire roof is checked to test if it is strong enough to handle the solar panels. At this stage, the necessary measures should be taken, since the roof seems to be damaged. The next step is obtaining permits from the energy supplier and the city.

Platinum Solar also sends a draft to the local HOA if needed. The next step is to plan an installation with the permits and inspections. Finally, in the last step, the electricity supplier checks how much electricity the panels produce. Platinum PWR helps homeowners save tons of money by getting solar energy for $0. They would also be paid for solar operation, and the federal government pays 26% of the cost via a federal tax credit.

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About Platinum PWR

Platinum PWR is a Solar company in Gilbert, AZ providing clean energy solutions for residential and commercial properties throughout Arizona. The company has more than 25 years of experience in the industry and offers various types of premium renewable energy products. They currently provide nationwide service with regular installations in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina.



Platinum PWR – Gilbert AZ

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Platinum PWR

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