How A Title IX Lawyer Can Help Students And Faculty

Students who are subject to discrimination or harassment on campus should speak with a Title IX lawyer. This lawyer can help students fight for their rights and prevent a negative outcome.

Title IX protects students and faculty from discrimination based on sexuality in public or private colleges, universities, fraternities, sororities and other educational institutions. This federal law allows you to claim damages for financial damages from the institution which violated your rights.

A Title IX lawyer Baton Rouge will work with you to determine whether you have a valid claim to financial compensation against the school. This includes collecting evidence to show that the school violated your rights and how they impacted your rights.

The complexity of this legal system makes it imperative to have an advocate who understands your rights and will fight to defend you throughout the entire procedure of disciplinary action. Allen Harris’s team has decades of experience dealing with Title IX cases and is here to provide the expert advice you need.

For a discussion of your situation and discover what we can do to help to help, we provide a free consultation. Contact us now to schedule an appointment!

The consequences of sexual misconduct allegations against a professor or student can be devastating. The investigation may have lasting effects on their academic, social and professional lives. The consequences could include suspension or permanent discipline charges against their academic record.

A Title IX lawyer in Baton Rouge can also assist you if you are the complainant in the case. They will ensure that the institution is following federal guidelines, provide you with the right to due process, and help you prepare a strong defense for your case.

Your Title IX attorney will review your case and prepare for you to present your opening statement before the hearing panel. They will prepare you for any questions school advisors may ask you at the hearing. Your lawyer will ensure that you don’t make any false assertions or misrepresent your case.

Our lawyers are experts in appeals and have vast experience in these procedures. If the panel of hearings decides to make a responsibility determination, they are able to defend you and make your own appeal.

We may also represent you in the event that the school takes retaliation against you as a result of the complaint. This is a violation of your right to due procedure and could result in an adverse decision.

A retaliation claim may be filed if your employer, parent, or anyone else acts in an attempt to intimidate or deter you from reporting a violation of Title IX. As long as your lawyer can prove that the retaliation occurred in order to stop you from filing a civil suit against the school, you could be awarded cash.

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