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Should be the first address for memorial videos, marriage proposal films and more

Here And Now Films has launched its new business that aims to become the desirable destination for people wanting to capture memorial videos, proposal films and other events that preserve their stories for the long term.

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what pictures can do, videos can do much better. Because of this, movies are an integral part of people’s cultures, history and life in general. They are powerful, impressive and have an everlasting quality. Here And Now Films is where that power can be harnessed to make every big day of people’s lives special.

Here and Now Movies

Those wishing to make a memorial film honoring the memories of their loved one or for some other significant occasion need not go beyond the services offered by Here and Now Movies. The new company was founded by an acclaimed filmmaker who has received many awards and recognition. In fact, the filmmaker is known for stunning music videos and action sports videos that have made a name for themselves.

With the new business, the filmmaker now offers a wider range of services that tell stories about people. For example a legacy movie can be the perfect tribute and tribute to those special people in one’s life.

Right from the start, Here And Now Films strives to understand what people expect from the stories they want to be told. For this reason, a form was created in which interested customers can briefly present their vision.

You might want to make one retirement movie or a commemorative video for that matter; You can easily get in touch through the newly launched website. They can choose themes and packages based on their specific needs. Here And Now Films offers packages that include an initial in-person consultation or phone interview to understand what clients need. It then provides them with a concept, interview questions, and an estimate of film length.

For each topic incl marriage proposal moviethe process includes camera interviews with as many people as necessary. Here And Now Films handles everything from photo scanning to personal filming of B-roll footage and transfer of home videos, DVDs and phone clips. Equipped with the latest devices, technology, the perfect execution process and most importantly, a thoughtful approach to film, it aims to create masterpieces that tell people’s stories.

Those interested in enlisting the services of Here & Now Films to tell their special stories can visit the new website, learn about the themes and make the best choice of packages, to translate their vision into beautiful films.

About here and now movies

Founded by an acclaimed filmmaker known for brilliant music videos and action sports videos, the company aims to become the go-to place for people who want to capture beautiful videos that will preserve their memories for posterity.


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