Dynasty Skills Academy announces the start of Basketball Youth Dynasty Skill Camp with partner Supreme Courts in March 2022

Led by IHSA State Champion Anthony Johnson, the Dynasty Skills Academy in partnership with Supreme Courts Aurora will launch youth basketball skills programs for boys and girls in March 2022.

Dynasty Skills Academy is a proud partner of Supreme Courts Basketball. Together they are giving the Chicago youth a chance to participate in one of the best basketball training programs of the year in March 2022. This elite training camp is designed for both boys and girls to develop their skills. Dynasty Skill Camp is a coveted youth basketball camp known for its experienced coaches and fantastic facilities. The camp starts on March 8th, 2022; Registration is now possible, limited places are available.

Dynasty Skills Camp 2022

The Dynasty training camp offers training sessions with coach Anthony Johnson. Former 5-star recruit and ex-professional basketball player Anthony Johnson is a 2009 IHSA State Championship winner. He created Dynasty Skill Camp to focus on the individual skills of young basketball players. This skill workout has been carefully designed to focus on the fundamentals of basketball.

Players wishing to attend Dynasty Skill Training Camp can choose from three separate group training programs:

The first training program offered by Dynasty Skills Academy was designed for young girls and boys in grades 3-8. It includes six one-hour training sessions with trainer Anthony Johnson. The program begins March 8, 2022 and enrollment costs $150.

The second training program offers four 1-hour training sessions in small groups. As part of the program, former and current basketball pros will provide trainees with top-class skill development. The registration fee for the training program is $125 and is valid for one month.

The third basketball training program offers eight 1-hour small group training sessions. This program is also coached by former and current professional basketball players. Classes for the program are daily and the program offers a flexible training schedule. The registration fee for this program is $200 and is only valid for one month.

Readers can learn more about the program by visiting the official website for the program at https://www.supremecourtsbasketball.com/dynasty-skills-academy

Supreme Courts Basketball
Supreme Courts Basketball

Young players learn many important aspects of individual play and team play during the training program, including:

  • to keep balance

  • ball maneuver

  • Shooting on and off the dribble

  • responsibility as a player

  • Power of training and gameplay

  • Cognitive elements of competition

  • Focus training during the game

  • Understand the mechanisms of defense

  • develop mismatches

  • Ball rotation and defense pushing

  • Gameplays to throw the opponent off balance

  • Learning to grasp the flow of the game

  • What to do to get results

Dynasty Skills Camp 2022 trainees will train on the state-of-the-art basketball courts Supreme Courts Aurora. The training is primarily designed to help young and aspiring basketball players develop advanced and fundamental skills needed to improve their game.

About Supreme Courts

The Chicago-based Supreme Court is one of the most trusted and respected professional basketball courts in the city, with a state-of-the-art gym. Currently, the facilities consist of large, full-fledged courts designed primarily for tournaments. In addition, the Supreme Courts are also the battlefield for many youth basketball teams that compete in various tournaments each year. The court has received recognition for offering top-notch facilities for young basketball players who want to play professionally.



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