Chicago digital marketing agency Karben Marketing shares eight business branding tips used by the pros

Karben Marketing, the leading marketing agency in Chicago, recently published an insightful article detailing the eight business branding tips used by successful brands in the industry.

Karben Marketing, a leading Chicago marketing agency, recently released some marketing insights that have gone viral among small business owners. The company’s article highlighted the eight rules of corporate branding that corporate professionals in every major industry swear by. The report highlights how top companies engage with audiences and keep them loyal to the brand.

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The article begins by emphasizing the need to keep the brand relevant and fresh to keep paying customers engaged. To ensure continued interest, the brand may need to consider whether it needs a few cosmetic touch-ups or a whole new identity from scratch. This can be done through a careful assessment of the core values ​​and goals of the brand. When a brand’s identity and target audience have remained the same since its conception, brand refreshment is a decision worth considering. Updating may include updating the website, logo, color palette and other external changes. However, if the company is operating with outdated values ​​and goals, a complete rebranding may be required to attract new customers.

Rebranding needs to be planned because random refresh or rebranding will result in wasted time and resources. It is imperative to identify the issues within the brand before making changes. Research what other brands with similar services and goals are doing and identify the practices that benefit them. Also, change the logo and brand image to make it recognizable to competitors and new customers.

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Business owners need to think about the pressing issues they are helping solve for their customers. Successful branding promises a reasonable solution to the problems of your target group. Focus on a single solution to eliminate unnecessary noise and target branding to an audience that identifies with that specific issue.

In other words, effective branding campaigns “advertise” and “express” something valuable to potential customers.

Think of a branding campaign as a promise to customers. The best way to keep customers loyal to the brand is to keep that promise. This can happen in more than one way. The quality guarantee can be supported, for example, by publishing video and text testimonials from customers who were satisfied with the work done. The same goes for pricing. When a brand promises value for money, comparing it to industry leaders helps potential and existing customers see the value on offer.

Social media plays another important role in building a brand presence. According to Karben, Social media marketing helps to “spread the word”. Develop resources such as blog posts, press releases, and online posts in various forums. Use different mediums to share your brand story and attract new customers.

“More and more companies recognize the need to build a brand. However, smaller companies often assume that they need a large budget to achieve this. That’s not true, so we decided to publish this article.” Said a representative from Karben Marketing.

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