Ceramic Coating Myths

Ceramic coating is a silica-based polymer that helps protect the paint of a car from fading and makes it easier to clean. It gives cars the appearance of a glossy, waxed finish that a lot of people love. There are a few misconceptions about this product that could deter some from buying it or get them to pay for something they do not require.

Many people believe that a ceramic coating creates a nimble shield around their vehicle, which would stop any damage and make it appear new for a lifetime. This is not the case. Even if a vehicle has a ceramic coat however, it will still require to be cleaned and eventually become dirty and contaminated by dirt and debris from the road. This is why it’s vital to get your car washed regularly, especially after you drive in cities or in areas with high levels of pollution.

This protective layer also won’t prevent rock chips, swirl marks or any other permanent damage to the paint. It’s only able to slow the deterioration process and shield the surface from acidic contaminants such as bird droppings and sap.

It also makes the paint more durable and to reduce the appearance of fading caused by harmful UV rays from sunlight. However, it won’t stop your car from oxidizing completely and that’s why it is essential to reapply the ceramic coating on a regular basis.

It is important to choose a professional if you are considering a ceramic coating on your vehicle. A real garage or detail company has the proper facilities, equipment and training to ensure your vehicle is ready for a coating of ceramic. This can take several days and cost from several hundred dollars to two thousand dollars depending on the amount of work needed to prepare your vehicle.

Some people use kits at home, but they are usually not very efficient and the results are usually less than satisfactory. If you’re thinking about this option, it’s best to seek out an expert who can assure their work and provide warranty protection for the Ceramic Coating Northgate they apply to your vehicle.

If you’re looking to apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle, get in touch with us today. We will explain the process and give you suggestions on the most effective options for your vehicle. We provide Blask ceramic coatings produced by a well-known and respected manufacturer at affordable cost. Our aim is to make your car look its absolute best! For more information, call or send us an email.

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