Aluminium Tool Boxes For Your Ute Tray

A quality toolbox made of aluminium is essential for any professional tradesman or outdoor enthusiast. These boxes create an easy-to-use and secure place for your equipment and tools and protect them from weather, accidental damage or theft.

Toolboxes Brisbane is a small, portable box that is used to transport tools to the worksite or a large storage unit with wheels. They can also be made out of recycled materials.

Toolboxes for under trays

If your ute tray already has plenty of storage space, an underbody toolbox can be a handy accessory to keep your tools and gear organised. These sturdy steel boxes with a checker plate have an innovative return-lip design that wards off water and dust ingress. They can also be equipped with locks for increased security.

They are a perfect fit under the ute tray, opening enough space for recovery equipment, tie down straps and more. They are also weather and corrosion resistant and weatherproof, so you can be sure that they can be able to withstand the tough off-road conditions. These tool boxes under the tray are a great choice for hardworking tradies, weekend campers, or 4WD enthusiasts who wish to keep their gear in a safe place and not lose the view of their important items. They’re a popular choice for electricians, plumbers carpenters, and any trade professional looking for the most secure and safe place to keep their spare parts and tools. They are also ideal for storing long-handled tools such as shovels and rakes.

Ute chests

Ute chests provide a handy storage solution for tools, equipment, and spare parts. They are constructed of steel or aluminum and powder-coated. They offer great protection from weather and theft. They are ideal for farmers and tradies, outdoor enthusiasts, mining or industrial sites, and outdoor enthusiasts.

They can be locked for extra security. They come with seals to prevent water and dust from damaging tools and equipment. They also come with gas struts that hold the lid in place and are fully welded to ensure durability. Available in a variety sizes for all 1 tonners, utes, and SUVs.

They are constructed of aluminium checker plates that are sturdy enough to endure Australian conditions. They have an open-top lid that is flush-fitting fully on stainless steel hinges and is supported by gas struts that are heavy-duty. They can be fitted wth locks to ensure your equipment and tools remain safe on the road. These boxes are ideal for carpenters, builders plumbers, electricians, landscapers, painters, and other trades people.

Toolboxes that can be opened fully

The fully-opening toolboxes on the front allow you to organize your tools, equipment, and other parts in a more efficient manner. This is perfect for professionals who need quick and easy access to tools when on the job. The shelves, bins, and dividers of the box make it easy to move tools without causing damage. Additionally, there’s an integrated tray that allows you to store smaller items such as pens, pencils and drill bits – the kind of small object that simply disappears under a pile tools in conventional boxes.

This toolbox that opens up to the top is made from high-quality checker plates that can be affixed to the drawbar of your trailer or ute. It is also equipped with a lockable door at the top and two gas struts for support. It is welded from commercial grade materials and is dust and weather resistant. This is an excellent choice for any service vehicle or tradie.

Steel ute tool boxes

Steel ute toolboxes are ideal for those working in construction or landscaping. They are designed to resist impacts and minimize damage from equipment that is dropped. They come with heavy duty partitions to help keep equipment in order and can be fitted with a DECKED drawers.

Aluminum truck toolboxes are lighter however they aren’t able to withstand extreme weather conditions as steel. They are also more susceptible to rust and may require regular maintenance. Cleaning the interior of your truck’s toolbox with water and soap will prevent the accumulation of dirt and grease. It is also recommended to lubricate the latches and hinges using an oil that is light to prevent getting jammed or rusty.

A wheel well truck toolbox is a different option. It sits on the ute bed rails, and can hold a vast variety of power tools. These are ideal for trucks with longer beds and can be paired with a canopy or a tonneau cover.

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